How to lose body fat fast (The Fun Way)

Let’s be honest guys, nobody’s loves cutting fat. Especially if you have a problem with your weight, cutiing fat is almost like cutting your life spirit, which is a living hell, hehe. I’m just kidding. Look, I understand it’s hard enough for you to maintain your body fat and keep the percentage of your body fat for not rising up. But no more, i’m here to give you my tips on how to lose body fat fast and not only that, but also fun. If you’re interested check my tips below.

Eight fun ways how to lose your body fat fast :

1. Play a Sport.
If you’re in high school you can play a sport with your classmates or even join your school sports team. If you’re already in college, you can join amateur team or intramural team, just find it on google and join one. I recommend choosing a sport with a lot of running like rugby, soccer, lacrosse. If you’re practicing everyday or almost everyday, it’s not gonna be hard for you to lose fat, plus doing an active sport is a good way to release stress.

2. Play Racquetball After You Lift
I like to work out with a friend, after we finish our activity there we usually play a racquetball after that. Most large gyms usually have a couple of courts and you can rent racquets from them or you can just buy a cheap one for 20$ or so on Amazon. If you lift for an hour and then play 20 or 30 minutes of racquetball, it’s really good way to burn fat, because all of the constants starting and stopping and moving around is making your body burns fat easily.

3. Choose Walk Rather Than Drive
If you live within a couple of miles of your office or school, choose walk instead of driving. Walk to your friend’s house when you go over there. Walk to the store, if you need something to buy. I really enjoy walking because I can feel the breeze relaxing my head while I was walking. You can think of some creative ideas while you were walking to, because you’re gonna have less worry about stressful traffic if you’re walking. It’s a nice relaxing way to burn fat.

4. Go On Vacation in Pedestrian Friendly City
I remember my vacation last year in Japan. Last time I went to Tokyo, I burned so many calories every single day. I actually looked at myself in the mirror on the last day and thought my abs are looking insane pretty. I burned a solid 2% body fat in one week alone without setting foot to the gym even though I ate out every single meal and I ate whatever I wanted without paying attention to calories or macros. I just did walking and moving around all day every day, you won’t even need to eat snacks because you’re too busy enjoying your vacation.

5. Cold Showers
This one actually has five benefits. One, they’re fun. Two, you spend less time in there meaning you have more time to do other stuff. Three, you’ll improve your self control which is a really useful and important skill. Four, they have benefits for the immune system. Five, you burn calories when you’re cold, your body uses more energy or calories, meaning when you take cold showers, you burn calories. By this, I didn’t mean to say “Just take cold shower and you’re gonna be jacked like hollywood stars”, No I didn’t. I just say that this thing might be an option for you to burn extar 100 or 200 calories.

6. Do Mini Competition with Your Friend at The Gym
Here’s what you do, go to the gym with a friend. Pick a series of cardio machine. Let’s say you guys choose bike, treadmill, and stairmill. Now determine the checkpoint where you guys want to reach. Now, start the competition and see who wins. By the end of the competition, you guys are gonna be spent. You can burn like a bunch of calories with just doing this alone, think about it. Also you guys can strengthen your bond as friend, that’s a bonus benefits. This one is my favorite how to lose body fast fat tip.

7. Mountain Biking
Go mountain biking with one or more friends on the weekend, you can even ask a girl out. Instead of typical date, take her go and do mountain biking. If you have some trails close by your hoese, that’s great. If you don’t have one, just google it and find some trails to drive to. It’s a really fun way to burn a lot of calories. If you do it as a date, it obviously won’t be as intense as if you go with a friend or by yourslef. It’ll be fun and a unique way to connect with her.

8. Skip Alcohol
Let’s be honest, nobody really likes drinking beer. The only reason people get drunk at parties and clubs is to ease nerves and loosen up. In my opinion, it’s better not to or just stop after 1 or 2 glass of beers. There are about a hundred and fifty calories in a can of beer. So, if you go to a party on the weekend and you have four, that’s six hundred calories which depending on your activity level, it is multiple days of cardio wasted if your drinking habits is not under control. If you want to loosen up your nerves, I recommend doing it naturally like doing meditation or yoga instead.

If you’re happy with the with the tips that I share above and would like to get even more incredible results about how to lose body fat fast. I recommend you to check the link below.